Qualities Needed to Obtain a Sport Management Internship

When looking into internships of various professional sports teams, I noticed that no matter the sport or level of competition, there were similar applicant qualities required across the Sport Management industry. Sport Management is a rapidly growing field in which completing an internship is a vital component in being able to find employment in the future. Despite some minor differences it seems as if most, if not all sport internships center around a set of qualities uniform to the industry. This consistency allows a team or organization to evaluate each internship applicant in the same manner. In my research I noticed five qualities consistently asked for.

1. Must be Personable – Sport Management is a field in which interaction with the consumer is essential. An ability to interact with new people on a daily basis will significantly increase your ability to do your job at a high level.

2. Proficiency in Computer Skills – In a technology driven world, an ability to use programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint effectively will put you a step ahead of any competition you may have for the internship. Knowledge of these programs and others like them will allow the organization to assign more challenging tasks to you right away.

3. Ability to work in Teams – In today’s business world, teamwork is a big focus. Organizations believe that tasks will be accomplished more quickly and efficiently with more than one person working on a problem. An ability to work in a team setting will show that you are willing to compromise your own individual ideas in support of a greater organizational goal.

4. Be a Leader – Although teamwork is encouraged, every team still needs a leader. Showing confidence in yourself and stepping up to the challenge of leading a team is admired. Being a leader is not something that everyone can do; however those who do often go far in their careers.

5. Motivated – Self motivation is essential if you plan on going anywhere in the future within the Sport Management industry. This industry is one in which job progress or movement is very stagnant at the beginning of your journey. Your ability to stay motivated through tough times and difficult jobs will show your employer just how dedicated you are to the organization.

Each of these skills is just as important as the next and they are all intertwined with the ultimate goal of efficiency, productivity and effective on the job learning. Sport Management is a field in which obtaining a quality internship is essential to your future success in the industry, meaning these qualities should not be taken lightly. Keep in mind that all internships will have their own set of specific requirements but if you are able to grasp these five individual qualities you will be well on your way to the internship of your dreams.